There’s only two people I actually trust anymore, and if we’re talking entirely, it’s only one.

I feel so out of place. Everyone is talking about the common app, if their SAT score is high enough, what they’ll write their college essay about.. and I can’t even relate a little bit. I feel so miserable dwelling on the fact everyone is going to do bigger and better things while I’ll be going to community college. And it doesn’t help that people keep telling me I should explore my options, treating it like community college isn’t even college at all. I’ve tried to explore my options and when it comes down to it, I’m nothing special and my family is poor. I feel like a fucking idiot, but the only reason I feel that way is because of the way other people keep looking at me when I tell then I’m not going to “real” college. I’m not an idiot. As a matter of fact, I’m almost definitely smarter than some of the rich assholes who get into college and blow their parents money to party. Sometimes I think it’d be easier to just fucking lie than lose sleep over the looks I get.