forget regret

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my name is Ali. I'm a junior in high school from New Jersey. I love pop punk, cats, photography, my friends, and basically nothing else.

I wish I could stop you from doing this to yourself, but there’s nothing I can say or do to stop it - that’s even clearer to me now than ever before. I know you work hard and I know life has never gone the way you wanted it to, but the only way to turn it around is to stop falling back into your old ways. I thought days of work from beginning to end could hold you back, but nothing can. No one can. If I ever have to live in a world knowing that you’re gone because you chose to be, I don’t think I can restore my faith in anyone or anything. The worse part is that it’s going to be too late before you realize you’re in deep all over again.


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I’m so fucking frustrated. I was so happy, and out of no where, I’m not anymore. I’m sick of getting aggravated by the people I’m supposed to be close with for no reason, I’m sick of feeling like some kind of mean horrible person for no reason, I’m sick of doubting myself constantly, and I’m sick of being unhappy with my appearance and most of all I’m so sick of thinking everything is getting better then falling back into this. I should be happy. I have every reason to be.